Lakeshore Technical College - Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Career Pathway

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Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Career Pathway

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For more information on career pathways, contact the LTC High School Liaison or your guidance counselor.

Agriculture Inspectors Zoologists/Biologists
Artificial Insemination Park Naturalists
Breeding Manager Fish & Game Management
Conservation Manager Agricultural Power Equipment Sales Representative
Nursery workers Dairy/Livestock Herd Manager
Landscape Architects Forestry
Agricultural Sciences Instructor Soil and Water
Garden Center Consultant Feed Mill
High School
English I English II English III English IV
Math, Algebra, or Geometry Additional Math Additional Math, Technical Math, or Business Math
Physical Science, Biology, or Chemistry Additional Science Additional Science
Social Studies
History (American/World) Government Geography Psychology or Sociology or Economics
Additional Requirements
Physical Education

Suggested electives to earn LTC credits while in High School

Dairy Cattle Genetics & Reproduction (1 cr)
Dairy Cattle Industry & Applications (1 cr)
Word Levels 1,2,3 (1 cr each)
Excel Levels 1,2,3 (1 cr each)
College Tech Math 1A (3 cr)
Animal Science (3 cr)
Communication Skills for the Workplace (2 cr)
Math for Agriculture (2 cr)
Dairy Herd Management Skills (1 cr)
Milk Production (2 cr)
Mechanics Introduction (1 cr)
AC Fundamentals (3 cr)
DC Fundamentals (3 cr)
Hydraulics I (2 cr)
Dairy Feeding (3 cr)
Psychology for Life (1 cr)

  *After 10th or 11th grade, assess for college readiness and provide academic/career advising. Complete Accuplacer assessment to determine academic readiness and career skill preparedness. Recommended LTC Career Activities: Experience LTC and Campus Tours
Lakeshore Technical College
Associate Degrees
Technical Diplomas
  Wind Energy Technology Dairy Herd Management
Farm Business & Production Management
General Studies
Fox Valley Tech Agribusiness
University of Illinois
UW-Madison Farm & Industry (short course)
UW-Green Bay
UW Eau Claire